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Find Time. Save Money. Stay Compliant. Affordable AIM Online EMS Workflow® solutions for Dispatch, ePCR, Billing Software, and EMS Billing Services. All Integrated. All in the Cloud. All Secure. Our AIM is to support EMS.

Online EMS Dispatch Software

Get your ambulance information workflow started right! AIM Online Dispatch is the first powerful step in AIM’s Integrated Dispatch, ePCR, & Billing Solution.

Maximize Revenue with Accurate and Timely Call Intake and Dispatching
Collect all important EMS call intake information quickly and get the call activity from dispatch, to patient care, and over to EMS billers in record time, and with accuracy that results in higher EMS reimbursement.

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Online ePCR Software

Keep the EMS workflow rolling from Dispatch through to AIM Online ePCR, the SECOND POWERFUL STEP in AIM’s Integrated EMS Software Solution

Realize the benefits of Dispatch to ePCR workflow by eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing errors, and saving time. 
Maximize Revenue with Accurate and Timely EMS ePCR Patient Care Reporting
Complete EMS ePCRs faster by minimizing QA/QI efforts… Learn more…

Online Billing Software

Leverage the vision of complete Online EMS Workflow with the third powerful step in AIM’s Integrated Software solution by utilizing AIM Online EMS Billing Software.

Discover how AIM’s EMS Billing Software can work to improve your ambulance workflow and speedup the time to payment!

Maximize Revenue with better EMS Reimbursement
AIM EMS Billing Software helps you maximize revenue by eliminating common EMS reimbursement issues. Automatic data validation prevents incomplete an… Learn more…

EMS Billing Services

EMS Billing is complicated, time consuming, and essential! AIM Billing Services is here to help YOU improve your EMS billing revenue, tune staffing, get compliant, and strengthen cash flow!

Read on to discover how AIM’s EMS Billing Services, with integrated Dispatch, ePCR, and Billing Software, can work to improve your EMS operations!

Maximize Revenue with Expert EMS Billing Services that Specialize in EMS Reimbursement

AIM’s NAAC Certified EMS Billing specialists’ gets results that will significantly improve your revenue cycle and help you achieve better cash flow. AIM’s EMS billing service has specialized knowledge of … Learn more…

The AIM Advantage

Supercharge your EMS billing revenue, slash costs, tune staffing, and own compliance with AIM Online EMS Software and AIM EMS Billing Services!

EMS Workflow Guide

Empower Your EMS Operations

  • Produce real results for better performance with online EMS Dispatch, ePCR, and Billing software, training, and support.
  • Improve EMS billing reimbursement and operational processes
  • Save time
  • 24/7 access to EMS operation data

Deliver Quality EMS Services

  • Software development based on best practices and customers’ needs
  • Exceptional quality and response rating in both customer support and training
  • NAAC certified EMS billers
  • Reduced errors in state reporting and claims processing

Get Higher Productivity from EMS Crews and EMS Billers

  • Get proper training
  • Effective EMS Software
  • Knowledgeable, timely support
  • Timely updates do to legislative changes
  • Exceptional uptime, less downtime
  • Expert EMS billing staff


  • More than 30 years of experience in delivering quality EMS software and services

Gain Peace of Mind

  • 24/7 internet access
  • Total cost of ownership reduction
  • Fault tolerance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Trained administrators
  • Elimination of technology headaches
  • Security standards

Improve Performance and Employee Satisfaction

  • Designed, built and tested to meet EMS requirements
  • Repeatable EMS business processes
  • Reporting
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Quality Support
  • Experienced EMTs and EMS billers on staff

Avoid Big One-Time Costs for Hardware and EMS Software

  • Zero installation costs
  • Minimized hardware costs
  • Reduced IT staff and IT environment
  • Low monthly membership

Increase Your Bottom Line

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Reduce errors

“AIM online software has really been an asset to our ambulance district. Being able to log in to our billing software from anywhere has helped us run our billing department in a more efficient manner and the return of our revenue time has been cut in half.”

– Maries Osage Ambulance District

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